It’s Independence Day! (Well, it Was)

After our fun evening downtown,

Baby Gray was feeling plenty festive when we headed to the Biggest Small Town Parade Thursday morning.

Flag Waver

My favorite moment of the morning, “Hey, Mom, why is that door broken?”

Broken Door

We came home for a quick nap, and I threw these s’mores bars together to take to Buck’s Poolside.

My marshmallows never got that “melty,” so my bars didn’t stick together quite this well (they were more of a toasty-crunchy). They were delicious, though.


Baby Gray had a blast at Buck’s Poolside–I didn’t know if we were ever going to get him to leave!


We caught a few fireworks finales in the truck on the way home. It wasn’t quite the same as being there, but Baby Gray didn’t seem to mind. He sure slept good that night! 


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