Ranch Kids

Saturday evening, we headed to The Ranch, just because. Because it was pretty outside. Because we still had some daylight to burn. Because I want to share the history and memories with Baby Gray.

Go Fast


It’s exciting to think about him to living all the memories and experiences that come with The Ranch. I am so grateful T-Paw and Annie are invested and excited about sharing with him what they shared with me. Each time we head out there with Baby Gray, it brings back another memory for me: Auntie Heather in a bike helmet on the fourwheeler; red boots sunk in the creek; piling so many people on the Mule we couldn’t cram any more; playing in the hay; working cattle; falling off my horse (which pretty much ruined my entire horse-riding career). I love it–and I look forward to it being part of who Baby Gray is.

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