The Adventures of Headband Boy!

I love that this boy is comfortable in his own skin. I hope he never loses that. I know that now he’s little and he doesn’t always realize what he’s wearing is funny, but he always chooses it and sticks with it. I want convictions like that (of course, I’m talking bigger than clothes).

Here’s my favorite from this week, complete with quote: 

Headband Boy
“I’m not a robot; I’m just Headband Boy!”

When we were on the Ranger, T-Paw was moving! We had to get the backwards cap action to be sure we didn’t lose it (again). Plus, there’s the glow stick and leftover birthday icing to top it all off! 


Of course, he had to rock the helmet.


And, no week would be complete without an Easter helmet.

Easter Basket

Of course when you buy a birthday present (happy birthday, Ella Bella) you need to try it out in the store!


We got some new kid-sized headphones during one of our Target outings this week. He wore them all the way home–sans music or shows.


If this isn’t how you’re mowing the lawn, you’re missing out!


And, finally, for all the haircut advocates out there, here’s his mini-ponytail he asked for. Sorry, Mr. Gray!


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