Spin Me ‘Round

A little gander into what’s makin’ my world go ’round these days (in no particular order).

Shopkick: if you’re not using this app, you should be. Get kicks when you walk in places you shop regularly then redeem them for gift cards. Yes, please. (cough–Target–cough)


iBooks: because who doesn’t want to have their book with them all the time? Makes perfect sense to me!


NYC Color Wheel: this blush I found randomly at WalMart (yes, gasp, WalMart). It’s absolutely perfect for this time of year!

Source: walmart.com via Mrs. on Pinterest

SnipSnap: coupons with you all the time! Most places are really great about scanning them on your phone. I haven’t had any trouble. I’m Mrs. Gray if you’d like to follow.


Babyganics Bye Bye Dry: somehow after I had Baby Gray, I developed eczema–but only on my shins. Uh-huh. This stuff works wonders.

Source: amazon.com via Mrs. on Pinterest
 This icy mint clutch: it’s super-soft leather, big enough for everything, and cute! Also, it’s a much better color in person.
Source: gap.com via Mrs. on Pinterest
Note: no paid advertisements here; the Shopkick link is a referral code. All thoughts & opinions are my own. 


  1. Okay, Shop Kick looks pretty awesome. I'm going to download that today for sure.

    And thanks for the eczema recommendation. My little guy has a mild case and since I've been pregnant I've seem to have developed it on my scalp. I need to try this!!

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