The Recap

We had the absolute best weekend! I got home from C3 late, late Friday night (it was actually Saturday morning if we’re being technical) and then we hit the ground running Saturday morning.

Sweet Baby E made her arrival Friday evening while I was still away, so I went over to visit Aunt B and Uncleby first thing Saturday morning (more on that to come). 

Then it was time to head to our hometown for Mr. Gray’s alumni baseball game. I can’t begin to describe the memories that come back watching him on that mound where I watched him pitch so many innings so many years ago. (Annie took some great photos; I forgot my camera. Lovely.)


We headed home and just hung out. We didn’t do anything special, we were all showered and ready to lounge around by about 5:00. It was amazing. It’s rare we have time to do that. All three of us. At once.

Sunday was church and Baby Gray’s first rodeo! Oh good gracious did he have a blast! I am so glad we had an opportunity to take him.


We wanted him to milk the “cow,” but she scared him when she moo-ed, and that was that. For a kid that’s around cattle, it was pretty strange that a fake cow noise scared him. Pops and T-Paw might have to work on that–or, we’ll just start sending him to work with Mr. Gray! 


He left saying he needed a black helmet, a vest, and a sheep so he could get ready to do the Mutton Bustin’ sometime. Eeek! I can’t wait!

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