Rain, Rain, On Gameday

This is Baby Gray’s third football season, but I can already tell it’s going to be the most fun so far! 

We were the crazy parents with their toddler at the rainy game, and he loved every second. He has talked about it all week. Even without tailgating or any of the extras, he had a blast! 

We packed all the rain gear and headed to College Station. We put it to good use throughout the game, but mostly it was a pleasant day. 



Baby Gray had a little room to roam at the game, as several seats next to us were empty. He snacked and played the entire game. He wasn’t bothered by the on-again-off-again rain and subsequent rain gear. 



After the game, we took him down to the field. Little J was down there as well. They practiced their “gig ’ems” and watched everyone playing with footballs and running around.


Baby Gray decided he was ready for the fish pond with the yell leaders after our win. 


We headed to drop off our stuff at the car and go see Rylynn


Yes, Rylynn! She is doing great! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of them together, but they were having a blast playing football and riding scooters.

Once the traffic died down, we headed to the house to pack up and put on dry clothes. We grabbed a little senior citizen style dinner on our way out of town. We thought with no nap we might lose Baby Gray to sleep somewhere along the trip, but the best we got was a little snuggling with his blanket and lovey and a bit of pretend closed eyes. 


It didn’t take him long to crash once he hit his sheets, though.


  1. Gracious, that child is adorable! Fans who still sit through a game in the rain are dedicated 😉 And congrats on a huge win!! I love that this rivalry is now ans SEC rivalry!

    We spend half of our season at Bama games (husband's alma mater) with all of his family and our little nephews LOVE gamedays just as much as we do. The first time our 3 yr old nephew was in Bryant-Denny stadium he had this wide-eyed look on his face as if to say "I have found my people" haha.


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