Life’s a Beach

Baby Gray and I got to tag along on a business trip of Mr. Gray’s a couple of weeks ago. We took the boy to the beach for the first time. He loved it! We loved it! It was a great little family trip. 






Family Beach
Considering the self-timer took this, despite the centering, it’s a pretty great little family photo.

It wasn’t crowded, so he was able to explore. The sand wasn’t super sticky, and it wasn’t too humid, so that helped make it nice for Mr. Gray and me. 

We even gave Baby Gray a little redneck bath when it was time to go. Oh, the looks we got. 


We had a couple of hilarious run-ins with hermit crabs, but that was the only part Baby Gray didn’t enjoy.

It was similar to his run-in with the snail in our backyard a while back. Funny to say the least.

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