Paradigm Shift

Friday made it official–I’m old. Well, I’m only as old as I feel and all that jazz, but, you know. Old.
Friday, Friday, what was so special?
  • I cleaned the carseat Thursday evening due to an unfortunate explosion, and it no longer smelled like death Friday morning. (A quick PSA here: if you do not have to clean the carseat, don’t. Ever. Ignorance is bliss. Bliss, I tell you.)
  • I washed a few loads of clothes to get ready for this week’s travel. I love clean clothes!
  • Baby Gray read to me–a favorite part of any day! 
  • I cleaned the refrigerator. Like, the shelves. They’re sparkly and see-through. All of them. At once. Drawers, too. 
  • I finally got all the spots and stuff scrubbed off our glass shower door. Also see-through.
  • I read a tweet that pretty much made my afternoon.
  • I watched Friends for the first time in years. It’s still funny. So funny.
It’s definitely different than what I would have called a great day a few years ago, but I’ll take it. Gladly.


  1. Hey doll! I tried to respond back to your comment on the blog earlier, but you're a "no reply" Blogger and I couldn't. Anyhoo, thank you so much for stopping by. If you happen to have an old blog post about tailgating at TAMU (or your fave tailgate recipes, gameday style, etc.) you should please link up with us next Wednesday. We'd love to get a glimpse of what Gamedays are like for the Aggies! I can't wait to make my first trip to Texas A & M when UGA gets y'all on the schedule!


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