How You Doin’?

If you’re from the Friends generation, it’s hard to even read that in your mind without Joey’s voice, right? 

In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed how often people ask how I’m doing. Way more often than not, though, it’s just a greeting with nothing behind it. It kind of makes me cringe–then I hear myself doing it, too! 

How are you doing? How’s it going? How are you? 

It’s a nice sentiment. Depending on the day lately, I haven’t wanted to even entertain it as such. Some days, I haven’t even put forth the effort to say, “I’m doing well, thank you,” I just nod and smile as I keep on walking.

It’s made me wonder how many people just go through the motions and say they’re okay when they’re nothing but. It breaks my heart to think about people who are dealing with serious issues as we all casually walk by and ask them how they’re doing. We mean well, but it’s constantly bringing to the surface the fact that it’s not all alright for them.

It’s made me grateful for the friends who have really sat down and asked how I’m doing and meant it. Those who wouldn’t have taken okay for an answer. Those who have wanted to know how my heart is. How my head is. How I’m processing. How our family is. How we’re dealing. They’ve let me talk, cry, and pour my heart out as needed–and they will continue to do so. God has surrounded me with the greatest support system.

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  1. Sometimes I wish we saw each other more often in person… I'd love to sit down, genuinely ask how you (and your little family) are doing and have something more than have a blog/Twitter friendship.

    I do hope you're doing well. And though I doube you're at 100%, I hope it's getting a little easier and better every day.

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