This Is It

This is it, folks. Game week. 
I say it every year, and every year I mean it. I love football season. I never thought in a million years that I would be one of “those Aggies.” I’m oh-so-glad I am, though! 
Thursday can’t come soon enough. What’s worse, though, is that Mr. Gray has class and has made me promise I won’t watch the game or check stats until he gets home. Killer. It’s going to be killer. I can’t break a promise, though.
Oh, did I mention it’s an away game? Yep. Season opener on the road. Also killer. Kyle Field, I’ll see you next week for our first SEC game. It’s going to be fabulous–absolutely fabulous. Seats shaking, heart pumping, crazy. I can hear the drums now. 
Kyle Field
Ahhh! Just looking at the photos gets me all pumped up–even if it’s not quite football weather just yet. 
Baby Gray is pumped, too. He’s been practicing the “Aggie Song” for weeks.

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