Goin’ on an Egg Hunt

Baby Gray hunted a few eggs last weekend, but he wasn’t really interested in it. 


This week, though, he figured out the eggs had candy in them–before the Egg Grab (Rev‘s version of an egg hunt–over 18,000 eggs plus prizes) even started! 


Bubble Gum Correct

Once they turned them loose to “hunt,” Baby Gray walked through the eggs, opening them to see what was inside before deciding whether or not to put them in his bucket. Picky, picky!




We headed to lunch with Pops, Nonna, Uncle R, Miss B, RDG, Annie, and T-Paw. (Looking for some delicious food in New Braunfels? Head to Buttermilk Cafe!)  Baby Gray entertained everyone while we ate, and then it was time to say goodbye. 

After a week with Annie, Baby Gray was sad to see her go. 

With Annie

He listened to his new bunny sing Jesus Loves Me most of the way home; he didn’t put it down until he decided he needed a new hat. 


Basket Head

Silly boy! 

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