Put Your Mind to It

It’s been over a month since my half, but I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. I also haven’t been able to get back out to run regularly. My brain is against it. The half was a huge milestone for me. I’m not naturally athletic. I’ve always had to work to be mediocre. I’ve never really set out to accomplish something in the athletic world and surpassed my expectations, much less by as much as I did with the half. God absolutely sent my runnin’ buddy Nicole to see that half through to fruition.

I’m proud of what I accomplished, and I think I have a fear that I’ll somehow smudge it or erase it if I try again. I still don’t really enjoy running, and I know if I’m not training, I probably won’t be out running regularly. The likelihood becomes even less the warmer it gets. 

So, for now, I’ll wear my little charm to remind me I did it once and be encouraged to work hard to try again. 

Source: etsy.com via Mrs. on Pinterest

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