Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

I was pretty nervous about Baby Gray’s visit to Santa this year. He’s been going through quite a bout of separation anxiety lately, so I was pretty sure that would play a role in this trip to visit the man in red. 

Luckily, Santa did a great job of helping us minimize the tears. It obviously wasn’t Santa’s first time with a nervous toddler (as a matter of fact, this is the same Santa we visited last year, so I know he’s been doing it at least a year). He had me stroll Baby Gray up close to him; he talked to him softly and gave him a toy. Baby Gray wasn’t buying into this scheme. He knew something was fishy. 

Santa suggested I sit with him and let Baby Gray sit on my lap next to him. I can’t tell you the last time I took photos with Santa (or how unprepared I was to take photos). Baby Gray was asking the photographers for their noise makers (hence the “please” he’s got going on in this photo) as they took the photos. He did pretty well while I was sitting with them.
I insisted on the crying toddler photo, much to Santa’s dismay–don’t let that jolly smile fool you! 

As we were choosing which photos I got to keep, the photographer asked if I wanted this one. Seriously, lady? Of course, I want the crying photo! That’s a prerequisite for a toddler’s first “real” visit to Santa. 

Photos courtesy of My Album Pics at North Star Mall; copyrights of the images belong to The Gray Matters.


  1. My Hays looks very "smart" and festive in his red flannel plaid shirt and gray Toms. And you're right…how else would you expect the best photo with a one year old other than crying on the lap of Santa!? All three are perfect. I have to admit, any photos we have of you with Santa…it was never the same Santa…Hope that didn't create any disbelief for you in the jolly ole guy! xo

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