Most Wonderful Food of the Year

Group Shot 
We made our annual trip to Sights & Sounds Thursday. Oh, how we love Sights & Sounds. Unfortunately, Mr. Gray didn’t get to come this year. He had a paper to write, so Baby Gray and I met up with everyone on our own.


We got our tokens and got ready to eat make our way through Sights & Sounds! Baby Gray loved looking at all the twinkling lights and stroller dancing (remember car dancing?) to the music. Shooby and Little C helped keep Baby Gray entertained as we cruised around.
Shelb's Horse


The carousel was a huge hit! The older kids rode last year, but this was Baby Gray’s first rodeo! He climbed on his horse, held on tight, and cried when it was time to get off! He loved it! He wanted to ride again, but I was too dizzy–what a lightweight. 


Feeding Mama


The best part about Sights & Sounds is there’s something for everyone. We all find more than enough to eat and then walk through the live nativity to recover a little. Sometimes we make it to the live nativity and get a turkey leg, so maybe the recovery theory isn’t totally valid



Mom & Boy

Littlest C

Little C

Baby Gray

Super Dad

No matter how much food we eat, we have a fabulous time with great friends. This year wasn’t nearly as cold as it’s been in previous years, so it was actually enjoyable and nice. The kids got to run, play, and dance. I can’t wait to watch all these little ones grow up together!

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