Oh, Christmas Tree!

Last Sunday was Christmasday (not to be confused with Christmas day) at our house! It’s absolutely one of my favorite days of the year! We cut down our tree (or trees, depending on the year), get all our decorations out, and get into the Christmas spirit.

We're Off!


We went to this great tree farm we found last year, and turned Baby Gray loose to find the perfect tree! 

Tree Picking

He and Mr. Gray went ahead, while I snapped photos and shouted, “That one! No, to your left! Right! Straight! That one!”

The Look

Baby Gray checked out a few, but it took some looking to find the perfect tree. 




After a trip or two up and down the back rows of the tree farm, we finally found the tree we wanted to cut down. 


Mr. Gray hung up his hat so he could get down to business. 



Baby Gray wasn’t too interested in posing with his conquered loot! 

Drag it In

Once they boys got it cut down, Mr. Gray headed back up to the front with our tree. 


They shook out the needles (my favorite part) and bagged it up for us!


Mr. Gray used his big ol’ muscles to load the tree right up! 

Candy Cane

Baby Gray didn’t even get to be impressed with how strong Mr. Gray is because he was so busy munching on the wrapped candy cane they gave him when we checked out. Talk about disgusting–those candy canes are sticky enough as it is, much less when they’re being eaten with the wrapper still on them.


We posed for a few family photos in the wind before heading home to decorate! 

Baby Gray wasn’t interested in napping when we got home, so we decorated with him in tow. 
As I mentioned, we modified our decorating a little this year. 

Our stockings are in a slightly different place this year; we have a giant mirror where the stockings went last year. The card holder is pretty boring for now. It’ll get filled up soon enough. (Have you mailed your cards yet? It’s December 2nd.) 


My favorite part of the whole season is our Willow Tree nativity scene. I have some really great nativities that were Grammie’s as well. They bring so much to our home each Christmas.


I switched up the contents of my Mason jar as well. Now it’s full of ornaments with a coordinating bow. This jar has sure been a fun addition to our kitchen table.

The living and dining rooms are pretty bare, and the large tree is in the front window of the kitchen. You might also notice I haven’t been reading those photo tutorials everyone’s pinning about how to take photos of your Christmas tree.


  1. We've never had any trouble with them dying, except the year we went to a farm that wasn't as good. I know when you buy them from a pre-cut lot that is a risk.

    This one is off Highway 123 South, near Stockdale.

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