Trick or TREAT?

We tailgated this Halloween weekend, so I needed to come up with a cute Halloween tailgate treat. I found something perfect! 

I got the idea online and ran with it–candy corn bark! It’s super easy and delicious as well. I ran to the store (no, it wasn’t Monday and I had already been to the store this week, but I made an exception) to get the ingredients I didn’t have already. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy enough white chocolate coating the first round and had to go back a second time. Ugh.

The good news that came out of my double grocery store trip is I learned a tip for melting the coating. I usually buy the white almond bark in the blue package. The squares are individual and you pop them out to melt them over a double boiler or in the microwave. The HEB brand comes all in one piece in a tray you can microwave. I was able to melt the whole package of the HEB brand in only 1.5 minutes! Wow. I’ll use it again.

Back to the bark–it’s way too easy. 
Double Boiler

Before learning about the cool melting tray in the HEB brand of candy coating (or if the traditional method strikes your fancy), use a Pyrex bowl and a sauce pan for a double boiler effect to melt the coating while moving on to the other steps. Or, microwave the coating, either way.


Line a jelly roll pan with waxed paper, crunch up some pretzels, and spread them out. 


Then, crunch up some Oreos (I wanted the orange-filled Halloween Oreos, but they didn’t have them; I settled for the chocolate-filled Oreos) and add them to the pan. Pour the melted coating over the pretzels and Oreos. 


Top with candy corn and orange sprinkles, then place the pan in the refrigerator to set. 


Once set, break into pieces and store in an air-tight container.

It was a huge hit! I’m adding this to my yearly Halloween treats.

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