Yummy for my Tummy

I’ve mentioned before that I tend to stay out of the baby aisle at the grocery store. Usually you get a lot more for your money in other aisles of the store. 

Strawberry Banana

Several months ago, I found these in the canned fruit aisle. I bought a package for Baby Gray to try. They are freeze dried strawberries and bananas–nothing added or extra. The ingredients only list strawberries and bananas. He loves them! They have become our go-to travel snack. They’re not messy like taking diced fruit, and he can eat them pretty much anywhere. I buy a minimum of two packs a week.

A couple of weeks ago, I found out Gerber also makes freeze dried fruit. I compared the prices, and these are a better value. I have bought the Gerber apples, though; HEB’s apples have added sugar and cinnamon. 

Disclaimer: Remember, I am not a doctor or dietician. This is simply what works for my child. Please use your discretion or contact your doctor with questions. I mean, I am friends with a dietician, but I’m in no way authorized to tell you what to feed your kiddo.

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