Oh, The Festivities!

Once I finally got Baby Gray’s costume finished up, we headed back to the pumpkin patch in our neighborhood. 






Charlie Brown wasn’t much for smiling, but he did have a good time. I have really been wanting a new lens for my camera, and these photos just drove that home. How cute would these be with a little bokeh for the background? Ah, so cute. 


We did finally get him to crack a smile at home on our front porch. He’s got six teeth now, and I think he was trying to show them all to me. 

Luckily, we got this pumpkin patch trip in before Baby Gray and I headed out west to surprise Annie at her retirement party (I’ll post more on that later). As soon as we got home, we packed back up and headed to College Station. Whew! We were worn out! 

As kind of an after thought, I packed Charlie Brown’s outfit in case Little J and Miss K were going to be doing any Halloween-y activities Saturday evening. 

Charlie Brown


Thank goodness I did! Charlie Brown, the roaring diney, and a pretty, pretty pumpkin loaded up in the wagon to trick or treat in downtown Bryan. 

Dino Dad
Somewhere along the way, Mr. Gray acquired a dino head–Dino Dad!


Miss K



It didn’t take Baby Gray long to figure this trick or treat business out! Thanks to some good leadership by Little J and Miss K, he was eating candy in no time!

Group Shot

We tried to get a group shot (we had three or four cameras, plus adults herding kids back to the photo), but… 

Miss K

…boys will be boys! The only one who stayed put was Miss K! We think she was guarding the candy. 


I tried to get a shot of Charlie Brown with his candy bucket but to no avail. Maybe I’ll be able to get one tonight.

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