Pick a Peck of Pumpkins

One of my favorite things is decorating our home for Fall. We have a pumpkin patch right up the street from our house, and as soon as they get their pumpkins, I’m ready to bring one some home. Mrs. Fix-It’s church hosts the pumpkin patch, and she mentioned that they needed cookies for the patch. 

So, Saturday morning, Annie and I walked Baby Gray and the cookies down to the patch. He watched them unload the pumpkins and pass them from person to person. Mr. Fix-It was driving a little forklift with pumpkins on a pallet, and Baby Gray loved that. 

He felt several different textures and had his photo taken by the local paper (they didn’t put it in the article, though). 

We didn’t stay long since they weren’t done unloading, but I new we’d be back soon. 

We headed back to the pumpkin patch Monday evening. The weather was gorgeous, just perfect for pumpkin picking! Baby Gray rode down in his wagon, but he needed to check things out when we arrived. He pointed, touched, and grunted the whole way through the patch. Mr. Gray had to hurry him up a few times. 

I always love to pick out mini pumpkins for centerpieces in the house, so we let him down to check them out. He picked some and put them in the wagon for us. 

We loaded him up with the minis to ride over to the larger pumpkins for the porch. I always like the colored, warty, beat-up looking pumpkins, while Mr. Gray likes the more symmetrical, round, orange pumpkins. Usually, I want three pumpkins, two short and one tall and skinny. 

We picked three more round, but colorful and warty pumpkins and stuck them in with Baby Gray.

Mr. Gray rolled all our loot over to the checkout where I got distracted by the gourds–another of my favorites for in the house! I got a few, we stuck them in the wagon, and off we went!

Baby Gray didn’t know what to think about his wagon load for the trip home! He rode all the way home with his pumpkin brochures, the gourds, and the pumpkins. I was pretty impressed; especially since one of his favorite things to do is throw things out of the wagon!

In past years, our front porch pumpkins have had the “furniture store effect” going on–we get them home and they’re much larger than we thought! This year, we had exactly the opposite! Maybe one year we’ll find pumpkins that are just right. (Please excuse our lawn; it wasn’t photo-ready.)

I love my trifle dish as a centerpiece–I can fill it with anything! And the mega-Mason jar I have is one of my favorite things we have at home. It’s so fun and funky, with a little classic twist. 

What are your favorite fall decorations?

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