Building Immunity

I always laugh when Baby Gray puts stuff in his mouth or eats something that’s not meant to be eaten. My mantra has become we stay at home, he’s got to build that immune system somehow. We went on a couple of immune-boosting adventures this week: Lapsit at the public library and the children’s museum. 

He loved watching the other children and dancing to the songs we sang. The whole program was really well done; I enjoyed it. At the end, they have a free play time with tons of toys in a toy bucket to choose from. He was all over that! I hope we can go back soon, our schedule hasn’t really allowed us to make it until now. 

The children’s museum was so much fun! I hope we get a membership for Christmas (cough, cough, nudge) this year. Baby Gray loved camping section; he checked out all the dishes and tried to row in the kayak. Little C sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat for him while he kayaked.

Prior to the camping section, he tried to play in the grocery store area, but he got too upset about the graham crackers in the snack aisle. Try to explain to a one year old that the exact box you have at home doesn’t really have graham crackers in it. The positive side? He can “read” environmental print! 

This little girl in the ambulance was hilarious. Baby Gray was driving, minding his own business, and she came over to take over. He calmly stepped back and let her do her thing. He is his father’s child.

He did get to drive the ambulance with Little C on the way to the rocket ship, though. He turned on the flashing lights and helped she and her baby get safely to the hospital. 

The children’s museum has no shortage of buttons to press–that was right up Baby Gray’s alley! He really enjoyed the control panel in the rocket. Little C’s baby took a trip to space, too! 
We ventured off to the ranch while Little C was playing somewhere else. Baby Gray had a nice dinner full of plate throwing and fake ice cream while we were there. 

When we found Little C, she was being built into a house; she decided she wanted Baby Gray to get inside instead. He wasn’t too fond of the idea, but Little C had a blast helping Mrs. Doc C and I build around him. Baby Gray had a blast breaking out!

Baby Gray floated around, finding books and things to look at while we were there. He did a great job directing himself to what he was interested in and playing for as long as his interest held. I enjoyed watching his little brain go to work; he picked up familiar objects and used them for their appropriate purpose in several different instances. The most disgusting was the cup he continued to “drink” out of. Hey, immunity, right? 

My favorite part was the light up dance floor. It wasn’t working right when we got to it, but it made for some pretty cute photos. 
Little C is such a great friend to Baby Gray, she waits for him and helps him with things. I can’t wait for Littlest C to be ready to join in their fun! We always enjoy our playdates with them.

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