A Spook-tacular Day!


Baby Gray sported his spooky shirt today, prior to donning his costume. He didn’t even get the white ghost too dirty! Unfortunately, while we were outside playing, Bean called to say that Shooby was running fever at school and wouldn’t get to join us for the evening. I’m sad we missed out on Dorothy and her ruby red slippers.

Much like last year and the year before that, we had plans to be at Dr. C’s house this evening to hand out candy for all the Belvin trick or treaters.

Spider Dip

I found the cutest dip to make to take with us. I used to make spider web cupcakes every year, and this was so cute, I couldn’t pass it up! 
Little C was decked out in her cupcake costume, sans hat, when we got there. She showed Baby Gray the bounce house, but he wasn’t ready to try it just yet. He did manage to stand outside the bounce house and bounce on the grass for a little while. He wouldn’t even go in when Jax did. 
He was such a cute Charlie Brown; I thought he fit the costume well. He finally warmed up a little and played on the front porch and in the living room. He mastered the small step in the front door’s threshold; he was pretty proud. Oh, those baby steps.



In keeping with the boys will be boys theme of this Halloween weekend, Cookie and I attempted some photos of Baby Gray and Jax. Not so much, actually. 
After a bath with Little C in some green, green bath water (Little C mixed the color tablets herself), Baby Gray donned his jammers and crashed in the car on the way home. 
I’ll start planning next year’s costume tomorrow. 

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