How Many Aggies…

… does it take to rig up a napping boy? 

Saturday was a long, eventful day for Baby Gray. We drove up Saturday morning for the 11:00 game. We stopped to pick up T and L on the way. With all the excitement, Baby Gray didn’t sleep in the truck. At all. 

We tailgated a bit and headed to the field. When we got to our seats, they were right in the blazin’ sun. I decided against staying in the stadium with Baby Gray and headed to the Alumni Center with him. He had a ball running around the room, playing, and being the center of everyone’s attention. 

A little after the second half began, he started to fade (remember that sleeping he chose to forgo in the truck?). Rather than subject all the others to my little sleepy head, I headed to meet some of the others at tailgate. 


About half-way back, this is what I saw. He finally decided to give it up as we strolled back.

When I got him back to the tailgate, he looked super uncomfortable sitting up in the stroller (we take the cheap stroller to the games, just in case–so no reclining seat). I tried to lay the stroller down, but it inverted him too much. 

Aggie Nap

Luckily, KB had her thinking cap on! Twins means two of everything–even Bumbos! We propped that sleeping boy right up, and he slept for a pretty good while. 

More Nap


So, how many Aggies does it take to rig up a napping boy? Four. Two mamas doing the riggin’ and two sweet twins to share their Bumbos!

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