A Fair Day

I’m pretty sure this little town has more parades than any other little town around! Last week, the county fair took place, so, naturally, there was also a parade.

Parade 2

Baby Gray and I posted up with the Fix-Its again. See you guys at the Holiday Stroll parade? 


Even though this parade took place in October, it was still almost as hot as the Fourth of July parade. It probably didn’t help that we were sitting on a blanket on the street with all the kiddos. I love going to community events with the Fix-Its because they know tons of people and can fill me in on what people are doing and representing. 
Baby Gray was hilarious when the horses went by; he tried to move his feet to their rhythm and match the clopping noise. Usually, he clicks his tongue to mimic the noise. He’s quite the little parrot! He waved as people went by and watching intently as each float made its way down the street. His alertness has definitely increased since the last parade!

Oddly enough, the city doesn’t close the street for the parade until immediately before it gets to that portion of the roadway. We couldn’t spread our blanket until right before the flags came by bearing the colors to signal the start of the parade. It was pretty strange–and different from in July. They had things blocked off much earlier then. Obviously, I’m no parade hand; my hometown only had one a year. If we’re going to live here, I guess I better become one!

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