Puttin’ on my Walkin’ Shoes

Something we haven’t had any real need for the past 51 weeks is shoes. Last week when we were tailgating, it was hard to put Baby Gray down because he wanted to be on his feet on the nasty ground. This weekend, that will not be a problem! 

We headed to the Stride Rite store Tuesday for a new pair of shoes. The associate was wonderful–absolutely wonderful. She helped me find exactly what I was looking for; then she was patient while I decided what colors would go with the most and all that jazz. 

The first pair I put on him was so cute! I really liked almost everything about them; I just couldn’t get past feeling like they were sort of limiting. I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t think they match, I won’t put them on him. 

The next pair we tried on was super clunky. They wouldn’t work at all. 

I meandered down the aisles a few times and came upon these. They are a little less flexible than the first pairs he tried on, but still have a lot more give than a standard sole. They fit him well; they’re antimicrobial; and they are washable. 

We tried on a few other pair before ultimately coming back to these two. Finally, I decided on the navy ones. As much as I love shoes, I can’t imagine that I’ll he’ll last with only one pair for long. 

Shoes for everyone!

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