Brain Freeze

Yogurt. It’s a beautiful thing. Buy a big container of plain yogurt and go to town. You can add fruit or other flavors. You can add the yogurt to salads and casseroles (ha, Mr. Gray, I bet you didn’t know we had yogurt for dinner last night). It’s a wonderful addition to most anything you would normally use sour cream or mayonnaise in. 

Lucky for me, Baby Gray loves plain yogurt. I don’t even have to add to it. Lately, though, he has not been as keen on me feeding him the yogurt. I’m not quite ready to relinquish the spoon yet, so I decided to try freezing some little yogurt bites for him. 

I didn’t have the exact mold I wanted to use; everything I had was larger than I wanted. 
 But, because I wasn’t totally sure how this little experiment would turn out, I went on and used some mini-muffin tins I already had. I just spooned a little yogurt in each section and stuck the tin in the freezer. 

They didn’t take long to set. I was excited for Baby Gray to try them, so I gave him one almost as soon as they were solid.

They’re not even that messy (considering what it could look like if I let him feed himself yogurt). Plus, I think he likes them.

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