One of a Kind Decor

Are you sick of birthday posts yet? Just a few more! I promise. 
As they say, the devil is in the details. This is always what kills me. I want each and every detail to tie in to the theme of my party or event. To ensure I was within my theme, I usually end up making a few things. I built Baby Gray’s party around the camo and red theme we’ve been using for various things throughout the year.
Basically, I took this: 
And turned it into this:
I couldn’t find a flag that worked for me, so I made this one–FREE! I already had the materials, so I just had to put it together. I cut a piece of burlap and did a quick stitch around all four edges (this is how Nonna made the table runners, also). I used a bowl to trace my camo circle then fused the circle to the burlap. I fused the red to the camo. Once I had the circle and the one fuzed, I was able to sew around all the edges. 
These centerpieces were a pain in the booty, but they were so cute they may have been worth it. I saw several variations of this online a while back. What they didn’t tell you in the online forums is that these were likely reinforced with a foam ball (think floral arrangement) to make the suckers stand up better. Mine weren’t nearly as cute.
The plates are clear plastic plates with vinyl H’s stuck to the underside (the opposite side from where food will be on the plate). For our H, the reversal didn’t matter, but if you do another letter, color, shape, or whatever, be sure you cut the cut-out on the reverse; you don’t want to stick the sticky and then have backwards plates. 
Of course I made a shirt! You can’t have a party without a custom shirt. I see many more appliqued shirts in my future–you know, until he can tell me he doesn’t want to wear that.

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