The Day We’ve Been Waiting For!

On this day last year, our sweet Baby Gray was born. It’s so hard to believe it’s been a whole year–I know I keep saying that, but it’s so true! I have treasured each moment with my boy. It’s an incredible feeling, being a parent. 

Birthdays are so much fun for me anyway. I love to give gifts and go out of my way to make the day extra special. Even though Baby Gray won’t remember the day, I wanted it to be a fun filled reminder of the joy he brings.

Last night, I got everything ready for Baby Gray’s big day (note: we switched the theme up a little for today). 

Mr. Gray blew up balloons and I made a “one” shirt for him to wear. I also made a super cute multi-colored layer cake for his “smash the cake” photos today (don’t you worry, photos are coming). I didn’t want him to sleep with the balloons in his room in case one popped, so I kicked them all in as I walked in this morning. He didn’t know what to think. It was a definite change from the norm; I’m pretty sure he liked it, though.

One he got out of his crib, he chased the balloons all over his room! He was lovin’ it! His little fingernails had such a grip on the balloons, I was sure we’d lose one, but they are all still in tact.

He had a super special pancake for breakfast–a number one! This boy loves pancakes and waffles, no matter what shape I make them (I’m pretty sure this was more for me; I keep telling myself he’ll enjoy it more next year). 

We had a lunch date with Mr. Gray, PawPaw, T-Paw, and Annie in my hometown as well as Baby Gray’s photo session this afternoon. I love having his photo taken with fun, colorful props and our photog’s great ideas. I can’t wait to see how they turned out. The ones I peeked at on the camera display were amazing. Ahh! Can’t wait.

Baby Gray’s balloons were waiting for him in the living room when we got back; he was more than ready to play with them. He played and played! Each time he would try to grab the balloons, they would slip a little. Sometimes they would shoot out across the room and he would chase them down–too funny! Once Mr. Gray got home, he joined in the fun!

Tonight, we had dinner with our wonderful Heart Group. Baby Gray was serenaded by the girls. It was adorable! I can’t wait to watch these kids grow up together.

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