Our Cup Runneth Over

It only took four years, but we did it. We filled our MacBook to the brim with photos, documents, and more. Ah, memories. We got it for our first anniversary; I’m replacing it the week of our fifth. It’s totally full. As much as I hate our Toshiba Netbook, I’m sort of glad we have it. I ordered a new MacBook Pro this evening online I would be quite sad if I had to wait it out with no computer at all, although it might be good for me.

It’s funny to think about all the things I use the computer and internet for, especially when I consider my iPhone in that train of thought. Basically any information I need is available to me instantly via some sort of web device. I can share photos and videos of Baby Gray instantly; friends who have never met him can watch him grow up. The web makes keeping in touch with people so simple, yet not always personal. I asked T-Paw one time how he ordered things (he is always ordering something) without the internet. He calls it in, of course! It makes perfect sense, but I’m so accustomed to doing things online that I just don’t think about it.

Our MacBook has been a wonderful computer. I will never intentionally go back to anything but Mac (the netbook? Mr. Gray needs it for classes that aren’t Mac-compatible). I can’t wait to get our new one up and running early next week! Hooray for new toys!


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