A Hare’s Pace

Over a month ago, I was getting dressed while Baby Gray scooted around on our bedroom floor. He couldn’t go very far very fast, but he could turn himself in a circle or roll around to grab a loose toy. 

As I turned around to check on him, this is what I saw. He stood for a few seconds, plopped back down on his hiney, and hadn’t done it again since–
until this morning. I saw him getting ready to pull up in the mirror as I straightened my hair. Nonchalantly, I walked over and started the camera. He knows when you’re recording him and stops whatever he is doing sometimes. Any other time we were playing on the floor today, I tried to get him to stand back up, but nothing–

until bedtime. We put him down as usual and left the room. Normally, he falls right asleep. Tonight he was talking and carrying on, so we checked the monitor to see what he was doing, and this is what we saw. As soon as I stopped recording, we went into his room to lower the mattress. When we got in there, he was “jumping,” or as close to jumping as an eight-month old can be while holding on to the side of his bed. Crazy! 

Mr. Gray got the mattress moved down while I rocked Baby Gray. We tucked him back in and left the room. When I checked the monitor, he was back up again. This time, he was at the other end of the bed. He tried to reach down to grab his lovey and fell into the corner of his bed. He bonked his head pretty good when he hit. I rushed in to check on him, but he was more scared than hurt. Once he calmed down, I laid him back down and left again. He went right to sleep. 

I cannot believe my little boy is growing up so quickly. The time has truly flown by. He’ll be walking before we know it!

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