Gummy Surprise

Baby Gray started teething December 31st. I remember it specifically because he started fussing, drooling, chewing on anything he could get his hands on, and being slightly unpleasant the morning we needed to leave for Aunt B’s rehearsal dinner. 

Fast forward to our four-month doctor’s appointment, and Dr. Miller was pretty certain this little dude would be cutting some teeth any time in the near future (now past). He continued to gnaw on things and drool all over everywhere. Still no teeth. 

This weekend, Baby Gray slept until at least 7:00 every morning and took a few extra naps throughout the day. Yesterday, he slept until 7:45, and he was extra-clingy throughout the morning. Just out of curiosity, I ran my finger along his bottom gum–sure enough, there is one little, tiny, Baby-Gray-sized tooth starting to poke out! 

You can’t see it in his gummy smile yet, but it’s there–just shy of his eight-month birthday! Happy Tooth Day, Baby Gray! Even though it was really yesterday…

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