Crafty Cakestands

A while back, Aunt B mentioned she was looking for some vintage-looking cakestands for the cake balls at the wedding. (AHH! It’s this weekend! YAY!) While I was keeping my eyes peeled, I found some that were covered in big, chunky glitter. They were way more money than I wanted to pay for a cakestand, but I was pretty sure if I could find the chunky glitter I would be able to recreate them. 
My search for chunky glitter did not go well. Finally, I found what I thought was it on etsy. What I found was called German glass glitter, and it appeared to be much more course than the glitter I had been finding. BirdSong Studio had all the colors I needed, so I ordered the glitter and got ready to work (Nonna found several cakestands for me while she was out and about one day). 
In order to keep from needing tons of glitter, I went to Home Depot and got some metallic spray paint. It turned out that it had a glittery-type texture to it as well, so Aunt B actually had me leave one cakestand with just the spray paint coating. 
This one had a really neat shape and some cool detailing; it was just a funky color. Now the detailing isn’t as apparent because of the opaque color, but it still looks pretty good.
I added the German glass glitter to the other one. 
This one is much smaller, and originally it was a pea green with apples stamped into the ceramic. I used the glitter to fill in the stamping and make the apples “disappear” from the surface. The glitter turned out neat, even though it was not nearly as course as the original cakestands I saw. 
As a side note, the cake balls are wrapped, so the glitter and such will not get on them. Just thought I’d throw that in there…

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