Microwaves Roasting on an Open Fire

I have had a microwave all my life–at least all the parts I can remember. Aside from the occasional bag of popcorn, I’ve never had anything catch fire in the microwave until this morning. I was making the chocolate candy Grammie used to make and sharing Grammie & Papa stories with Baby Gray. As I was melting the almond bark, I walked to move something from the inside freezer to the outside freezer; when I got to the inside freezer, I could see something flashing in the microwave. The bowl was on fire! 
I opened the door, got the fire out, and tried to clean the char marks off the inside of the microwave. I managed to salvage the candy, but my bowl went to the trash!
In other events this morning, I decided to decorate a couple of jars that had Chex mix & puppy chow in them. My craft glue is in the craft/wrapping closet, which is currently a Christmas wrap disaster zone (Bean, it’s a disaster to me). In light of the closet’s current state, I chose to use the super glue I had handy to embellish the jars. Great idea! NOT! I managed to get a little nauseated from the fumes (did I mention paint pens were part of this plan, too?) since I did all this crafting on an empty stomach. I am also short fingerprints on my right index finger due to the super glue I filed off after completing the jars… They’re super cute, though, so it was totally worth it!


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