Black Tie Affair

Aunt B’s wedding is this weekend! Months and months ago (before he was born) I started thinking about what Baby Gray would wear to the wedding. In Wimberley, there is a super cute baby boutique called A Perfect Gift. Bean and I were in there one weekend after market days, and noticed some cute onesies with appliqued ties (like a necktie) on them. The owner of the shop said I could definitely order a custom color and size when we knew more about the wedding colors and how big my little guy would be by January. 
I saw the ties a couple of other places as well as online, but I was scared the color or size wouldn’t be right if I ordered too soon. As you can probably tell by now, I waited too long to custom order a onesie. So I made it. 
Nonna got me a new sewing machine for my birthday, and it is much more novice-seamstress friendly! The tie turned out cute, and Baby Gray will get to be a stylish little man at the wedding!

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