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In keeping with the unwritten blogger rule, I will now spend a little time writing the obligatory New Year post. Believe me, I would much rather be writing the much-anticipated Aunt B’s wedding post, but my photos are still uploading, so this will do for now. We’ll recap 2010 and then set a few goals for 2011.
Top 10 Memories and Events from 2010 (in no particular order–except maybe chronological, if I’m that good): 
1. Finding out we were expecting Baby Gray: We found out we were expecting mid-January. I have to say it set the standards pretty high for the rest of the year. My pregnancy was amazing–I have zero complaints at all about it, and my amazing husband took great care of me throughout it all!
2. Telling everyone we were expecting Baby Gray: Getting to tell friends and family about our newest addition was so exciting. Some were anticipating it, some weren’t, but it was definitely an adventure telling each and every person. I’ll never forget that phone call with Annie (she was too far to tell in person–I couldn’t wait); the look on Nonna’s face; the quick guess by Aunt B; blowing it with Honey by ordering decaf coffee… there are so many more! 
3. Being asked to be the maid (matron–that sounds awful) of honor at Aunt B’s wedding and being part of the planning process: Not only is Aunt B my best friend, I’ve loved planning and organizing parties and events since my own wedding! I loved being able to be such a part of helping her plan her special day. (It turned out perfect, but that’s for 2011’s countdown!) 
4. Our adventure to Rhode Island for Dr. T’s wedding: Block Island is not somewhere Mr. Gray and I would have picked out of the blue to go on a vacation, but I’m so glad we went. It was a fabulous experience, and it definitely brought us closer to family members we don’t usually get to see or catch up with. It was also nice to sneak in one more little trip before Baby Gray made his appearance! 
5. Losing my grandfather: While this is certainly not a happy memory from 2010, it is something that will stick with me forever. I was so excited for Papa to meet Baby Gray–the first boy on that side of the family in 85 years. I know Papa is with Grammie now, and they are both watching over Baby Gray diligently, each and every day. While I hate that his earthly being missed 2010, he got to see Baylor have a decent football team (even though we still beat them) and the birth of his first great grandchild from afar. We missed him dearly at Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as every day in between.
6. Having a perfectly “me” baby shower to prepare for Baby Gray: When you have absolutely amazing friends, they throw you an amazing baby shower, and the rest of your amazing friends and family members come and help you remember how blessed you are. I was completely overwhelmed by the love and support Mr. Gray and I were shown through my baby shower. You can read the full story here. My friends are absolutely amazing.
7. Meeting Baby Gray: WOW! Of course, this one tops my 2010 memories for sure! Becoming a mom is something I’ve looked forward to all my life. I have been blessed with an amazing son and an absolutely amazing husband as well. Mr. Gray has taken fabulous care of Baby Gray and I since before Baby Gray was here. We have an amazing support system who love Baby Gray as much as we do, and I am so thankful for that as well. I am grateful for those who were at the hospital to greet him, those who called to check on us, those who brought us food, those who have prayed for us as we adjust to our new life as a family of three, everyone! It has been an awesome, awesome experience!
8. Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football: While we certainly didn’t win any national championships this year or anything, we look a little like we’re turning around! I survived a few games hugely pregnant, and then we got to introduce Baby Gray to our way of living in the fall. While I still can’t believe Mr. Gray is taking Dr. C to the Cotton Bowl while I stay home, I guess I’ll forgive him while I watch it from my couch cuddled up with Baby Gray and Rooster! 
9. Aunt B’s bachelorette party: This was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time! It was great fun with great people. I learned a lot about being a friend and being a mother that weekend. I grew a lot emotionally. I’m not sure I’ve even comprehended all the implications yet. All I know is I love Aunt B dearly, and as Baby Gray goes, the balance between being a friend and a mom will continue to shift and change as his needs do the same.
10. Christmas and December, in general: December was a whirlwind this year! It was much more crazy than usual! We had Aunt B’s bachelorette party, our Christmas party, several family Christmas celebrations (I need to get some of those blogged as well), and something almost every weeknight in between. We didn’t get to spend too much family time just hanging at home enjoying each other’s company, but we took advantage of every moment we had. We made so many memories, and, thanks to Mr. Gray’s birthday gift to me, we have tons of photos to remember it all by. We ended the year with a bang at Aunt B’s rehearsal dinner that doubled as a New Year’s Eve party. It was a blast with old friends–a great way to end the decade! 
To sum it all up, I loved all things Baby Gray and Aunt B’s wedding! My life is so incredibly blessed, it was hard to choose just 10 things to write about.
For my 2011 list, I’m going to set goals I’d like to accomplish by 2012; having them in writing is an extra incentive to get them done. Some of them are silly, while others are more daunting, but it’s what I’ve got. We’ll go with 11 things on this list in keeping with the 10 for 2010 and 11 for 2011 trend I’ve got going here… (Again in no particular order.)
1. I will run a 5k within six months of Baby Gray’s birth even though I haven’t run more than 1.25 miles since Baby Gray was born. I’ve got two picked out I need to register for and get ready to run!
2. I will pay for someone’s meal or coffee in the car behind me in the drive through (I know it’s supposed to be drive thru, but I don’t like that it’s spelled wrong that way) at least a couple times a month. I love it when people do this for me, and I try to do it as often as I think about it. This year, though, I’m just going to make it a way of life.
3. I will try my hardest not to be so bossy. I really thought I had this sort of under control until Aunt B’s wedding this weekend. Apparently, I do not have this under control at all when I feel it’s a do-or-die, must-be-perfect situation. Blessings to Samantha from Vintage Villas and Nikki of Nikki Peterson Photography for putting up with me!
4. I will continue to challenge myself creatively. While I have a great vision for things, they do not always turn out as I see them in my head. For a long time, I have let that keep me from trying to do “artsy” things. No more. I will just try it–if I mess it up, Mr. Gray can bail me out. He’s good like that! 
5. I will make sure my friends know how much I appreciate them. I used to be wonderful at dropping a card in the mail every couple of months as a reminder of how much I cherish our friendship. This has gone by the wayside, and I want to get back to it. Check your mailboxes! 
6. On the same note, I will do a better job of keeping in touch with my nephews. I used to send them things in the mail on a regular basis. I kind of slacked on that in 2010–I’m making a comeback! 
7. I will make time for just Mr. Gray and I. Time without Baby Gray or baby talk. Time for our marriage to continue to grow. We’ve done a great job so far, but I want to keep it up as Baby Gray becomes more active. 
8. I will find a cause and become active–time, money, resources, talents, something. In the long-run, I have visions of starting an early literacy resource for children and families without books and language-rich materials in their home. This is my starting point. (Yes, I know I have a young son at home, but what better way for him to learn to give back than to have his earliest memories be doing something to benefit someone else?)
9. I will make at least one day a week a day solely for time at home. It seems as though my schedule fills up faster than I can even imagine. I don’t want Baby Gray to grow up in his carseat. Even if it can’t be the same day every week, I’ll find one day each week to be at home. (Unless we’re on a week-long vacation or something fun like that!) 
10. I will read a minimum of a book a month. It doesn’t matter if it’s fact, fiction, fluff, whatever; I did not read nearly enough in 2010. Now that I’ve discovered iBooks, I have no fear this will be a breeze! I love it! 
11. I will pray for my husband, my son, my family, my friends, my church, and all those we come into contact with. I will pray that we are a family others are able to see Christ in by our words and actions. I will pray that those who are lost find what they are looking for. I will pray that those who need love know they have it from their Father. I will pray for those who are hard for me to love. I will pray that my heart be of the Lord so that others see Him through me. I will pray… 
I wish everyone a happy and blessed 2011!

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