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Aggie football is just a way of life for us in the Fall. We travel to College Station (sometimes Austin, Waco, or other destinations) to watch the Aggies play. This weekend, we got to start sharing that with Baby Gray. His last trip to College Station was incomplete–he didn’t make it to Kyle Field. This weekend, though, he cheered the Aggies to victory, was part of a record crowd, and got some good rest while hangin’ in the Baby Bjorn!

The game was absolutely AMAZING! I’m so glad I was at the field to watch instead of in the Alumni Center–I think I would have cried! There was a crowd of 90,079 (a record high at Kyle) with 31,005 (a collegiate record) of those being students. People were on the track, standing in the Zone, EVERYWHERE! It was awesome. 
Nebraska kicked a field goal first, and we went three & out several times… it was looking a little scary on the offensive side of things. Our defense was totally on, though. It was definitely a close game. At the beginning of the third quarter, Baby Gray woke up hungry. (I had bottles ready to go at home, but they got left in the fridge.) Mr. Gray & I decided to head back to the tailgate so I could feed him more comfortably. We told Nonna & Pops bye and headed out. 
We got to the ramp to head down, and the crowd went crazy. We had gotten a second interception. I looked at Mr. Gray and told him just to find me a chair–I’d figure it out. He suggested the first aid station instead. It was perfect! They even had the game feed! We watched in there while Baby Gray ate, and then went back to our seats. 
The game was all field goals, and we kicked one in the fourth to go ahead 9-6 with a few minutes left. Sherman left it all up to DeRuyter and the defense… I’m a huge skeptic when people start talking Wrecking Crew present-day. I never saw the Wrecking Crew–it was before my time, but I’d hate to compare apples to oranges. The best I can tell, though, this year’s defense is the closest we’ve been to getting the Wrecking Crew back. They held Nebraska to win the game. 

The record-breaking student crowd flooded the field–it was great (see behind us in the photo)! Total chaos ensued… UNTIL the fight song started. I’ve never seen such craziness turn into perfectly swaying rows so quickly. It was everything that embodies the Aggie spirit. I was so glad we didn’t leave. It was an amazing scene and an awesome game.

As Old Man Andrew told Baby Gray when we got back to the tailgate, “You picked a great first game; we’ll be telling you about it for years to come!”

For someone who had no interest in Aggie traditions and all their “silliness” a few years ago, I’m sure right in the big middle of it now! This week was Bonfire Remembrance Week, and I had a heart to write about being an Aggie earlier this week. The perfect words never came, so I never wrote. A friend wrote a post that was more than I could ever have said, but totally took the words from my heart. Being a part of something like Texas A&M is such a neat thing–I know to those who aren’t part of the Aggie family, it may all look pretty weird, but to see the traditions in action and know the history makes it pretty cool.

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