Say it Ain’t Sew…

Generally, when I need something that involves fabric and stitches, I call on Nonna. As I’ve posted before, I’ve tried my hand at applique a few times. 
I wanted some black and white blankets for Baby Gray, so I called Nonna with intentions of asking her to make us a couple. She had made some cute light weight blankets for my classroom a few years back, so I was just going to have her do those. She didn’t answer when I called, and between then and the time she called me back, I decided I could make them myself. I quizzed her on how to make them for sure and felt confident I could do it. 
Mr. Gray was out and about, so I had him pick up some fabric for me on his way home. Then I got to sewing! 
The edges are all the way frayed yet since it’s only been washed once, but it’s pretty cute (if I do say so myself). Baby Gray used it Sunday evening, and it worked out perfectly!

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