Introducing… Baby Gray

Baby Gray is finally here! He arrived on Sunday about 2:30, and he weighed 9 pounds, 4 ounces at 21 inches. He’s a big ol’ boy–just like Mr. Gray! (Thankfully, he wasn’t born quite as large as Mr. Gray who was 10 pounds, 2 ounces, and 22 inches!) His ten fingers are so long; so are his ten toes. He’s perfect in every way! We just love him to death!

BUT, let’s back up just a touch… 
I woke up last Saturday (the 25th) with a few contractions, but didn’t think much of it. They were sporadic, and not too intense. We went to breakfast with friends, checked out a few things at Best Buy & Sam’s, and headed home to watch t.u. get beat by UCLA. (WHOOP!) 

Even though I wasn’t sure the contractions were the “real thing” I called Annie and let her know what was going on (she’s 5+ hours away). She headed our direction, so after she got here we went to eat with T-Paw. I had been timing contractions off and on all day, and by the time we were done with dinner, they were about five minutes apart and more intense than they had been. Mr. Gray & I decided it was time to head to hospital. We got checked in about 7:30 or 8:00 Saturday evening, and spent the next 18 or 19 hours waiting for our precious arrival: 

We had to stay in the hospital until Tuesday due to his blood sugar levels (they were fine, but a test was due at 48 hours due to his birth weight) and some monitoring for infection (he didn’t have an infection, but I am a carrier for a specific bacteria that can cause infection in infants–just a precaution). 

It was a great time to get to know Baby Gray and spend some uninterrupted time with Mr. Gray before he needed to get back into the swing of things at work.

All was well, and we were out the door Tuesday afternoon! Aunt Nancy (maybe Cookie, but we’re not sure… we already have a Cookie, so we might just have two) was there, so we got some great photos of our first trip. We got ready to put Baby Gray in the carseat, and the smallest settings were much too small for our big boy! Mr. Gray had to adjust the carseat so we could safely take Baby Gray home!

We loaded our hospital cart with all the bags I packed, things we acquired while in the hospital, got Baby Gray into the (adjusted) carseat, and headed out. 

We spent our first night at home, and all went really well. He is sleeping as expected, and eating just what and when he should. He’s making things pretty easy on us!

We have had a few visitors, and he does well with them all. He enjoys sleeping while people hold him (what newborn doesn’t?) and just checking things out. Grandmommy got to come by and visit him as well–I’m so glad she’s feeling well enough to do so! 

Thursday he had his first visit to the pediatrician, and, again, all was well. She said he was perfect and she’d see us at his next appointment (next week).

He loves to sleep swaddled up in his bouncer or his vibrating Pack ‘n Play. Annie has been here helping out, so he gets lots of lap time between the three of us! He’s not going to know what to do when she goes home! She has been tons of help–I haven’t cooked since before we left for the hospital Saturday evening.

He wasn’t too happy with the Aggies’ loss, but who was?

Overall, he’s perfect, and we’ll keep him!


  1. Yeahhh your back… and now you have a good main man to talk about.. Its hard for me to think of things to talk about on my blog sometimes.. I am sure a baby will give you tons of topics..
    Hes a cutiepie.. how are you feeling?
    well post a ton of pics.. he will change daily.. so we need updates.. haha
    congrats.. cant wait to see him in person
    Love sara

  2. This blog makes me s happy. I guess because I knew how much you wanted to be pregnant and following all along, now to see him and read your joy–it's just beautiful.

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