Super Harvest Moon

In all my wishful thinking, I decided that the Harvest Moon combined with the Autumn Equinox was definitely what it was going to take to get to meet Baby Gray. I mean, come on, what other natural events could he possibly be waiting for? 
Needless to say, that’s not how Baby Gray wanted to make his arrival. I do have to say that this kiddo is courteous, though. He has been so thoughtful. I was concerned about him coming early and not having enough time off to not have to go back to work before Christmas. Nope. He’s waited and taken care of that for me! (You know, he’s got his calendar all synced up in there… that or God was watching out for us…) He has also been kind enough to wait until after my work shower took place (my teammates were really concerned he was going to rain on their parade). We had a great diaper shower yesterday after school! I have been so blessed with so many wonderful people around me. 
I’m really thankful for all the courtesy, but I’m really ready to meet this little guy, too. I’ve decided that since we made it past all the natural events of last night and today, I’ll just go back to holding out for 10.10.10. It’d be such a cool birthday! (In all reality, of course, I’ll take him whenever he and God decide it’s time for us to meet him!) 
Mr. Gray & I will head to our weekly check-up tomorrow afternoon. Updates to follow…

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