Shaken, Not Stirred…

I’m not much of a homebody, so by day four (Saturday) at home (a week without being “out”) I was dying! We had been to the pediatrician, but we went straight there and straight back–no other stops or anything. Mr. Gray and I decided to take Baby Gray on a little outing.
Mr. Gray wanted to see if he could find some new shirts, and we needed a few things from CVS, so we set out. Baby Gray did an awesome job riding in the truck for the first time–it’s a little bumpier for him than my car. He loved strolling in his stroller at the store (thanks, Kacey & Bridgette), and he was not bothered at all by anything the whole trip. 
People were blown away in the store when I told them he was only six days old! He’s a big guy!

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