Rainy, Restful Afternoon…

Much to our doctor’s dismay, we went to College Station for game day last weekend… this weekend, however, we decided to follow directions and stay home. We ran a few errands this morning, and headed home to rest this afternoon. I felt like doing some more applique onesies, but I didn’t have any plain white ones to work with. I decided to do some burp cloths instead.

I started with a star for Baby Gray. I was pretty impressed with myself because I actually used the foot pedal since the sides were straight! It still has a few imperfections, but Baby Gray won’t notice. 
I made him a car next. It was a little tougher to use the foot pedal due to the curves, but it still turned out pretty cute! 
I made a flower next. Not for Baby Gray, obviously, but for a gift later. The flower was supposed to look whimsical, but it sort of lost that in translation some how…
I’ve never been a superstar with a sewing machine, but I am starting to enjoy it. I am hoping to get better each time. We’ll see!

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