Packed, Unpacked, Packed, Unpacked, Packed!

I like to be prepared (stop laughing, I know that’s a slight understatement). We have had the car packed for a couple of weeks now. Well, I have. Mr. Gray finally put his bag in (much to my insistence) after our last trip to Aggieland. The car seat is installed, a ridiculous bag is packed for Baby Gray, and I even called Annie to make sure she packed her bag to come down in the event that I called her prior to a time remotely close to Baby Gray’s actual due date. To those of you who know me, I’m sure none of this is surprising. 
The funny part comes with the items that we need for daily living that I would also like to take to the hospital. You know, make-up, my Chi, the computer–things that would cost more to duplicate than it is trouble to pack and unpack them each day. Fortunately, not a lot of items fall into this category, but enough that I have a specific bag for them. 
This bag is becoming quite the focal point in our home. I carry it to my dressing area in the morning so I can use my make-up, etc. while getting ready for work. Then I take it back into the kitchen so it’s close enough to the door that I don’t forget it should we need to head to the hospital during the day (I don’t want the computer to sit in my car all day). On the weekends, though, we take it with us any time we go anywhere in case we have to leave straight from whatever we’re doing. I realize this is a bit overkill, but I don’t want to be without my things–the hospital has free WiFi, and I fully intend to spam the world with Baby Gray’s photos as soon as he arrives!

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