The Things I’ll Miss…

While I have to say I’m absolutely looking forward to being home with Baby Gray for 12-14 weeks before returning to work, there are some things I will definitely miss about being in an elementary school. Most of them are things kids say… 
Just in the last week, I have heard: 
“That baby is a boy, right? You should name him Balthazar.” 
(As I’m telling students to finish they’re snack because it’s time to go home) “Eat two at a time; they’ll be gone faster.”
(Shouted across the cafeteria) “LOOK! That teacher is PREGNANT!”
Me: “What is a property again?” (We had previously discussed this in science.)
Student: “You know, your house, the school, some land…” 
Me: “What is matter?” (In the previous science lesson)
Student: “You know, like, ‘What’s the matter with you?'”
(At least five times a day) “Are you going to have a baby?” 
Student: “I don’t like those.” (breakfast sticks)
Teacher: “Have you tried them.”
Student: “No. What are they?” 


  1. I get that last one every single day at almost every single meal from River!! LOL! "I don't liek it- it's YUCKY!" "Have you tried a bite?" "No- it's yucky…"

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