Childbirth, Babies, and Moving… Oh, My!

Mr. Gray and I kicked off our Saturday bright and early with a childbirth class in San Marcos. I insisted that we get breakfast before the class–spinach & egg white wrap from Starbucks–so we left super early to allow time for my request. Mr. Gray can hold his own in most situations, but taking him to Starbucks still cracks me up; he’s a black coffee drinker (he doesn’t like to pay for it, either; the office coffee pot is fine with him). It was really funny trying to watch him find something for breakfast at Starbucks; he’ll eat pretty much anything, but he’s a meat & potato kind of guy, rather than an egg white wrap sort of guy. 
We were already dreading the length of the class before we ever got there. It was supposed to last from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm! CRAZY! We didn’t figure there was any way they’d keep us there the whole time. At the very least, we thought the hospital tour would be last (since you don’t have to be a CTMC patient to take the class) and that’d be a time to skip out. NOPE. The hospital tour was right in the middle of the day, and the class lasted until 6:05 or 6:10. Also, oddly enough, the fed us sandwiches for lunch. If you’ve been pregnant recently, you know that deli meat and/or tuna sandwiches are not the meal of choice for most doctors due to the risk of listeria–that’s what they fed the room full of pregnant women, though!
I was pleasantly surprised by the demographic in the class, and we didn’t have any of the annoying couples who ask strange (read: stupid) questions the whole day. That was definitely a plus! We did have an instructor who would not take “We don’t have any questions” for an answer. If no one asked anything, she would just go onto her own tangent about something. Had she not talked so much, we could’ve been out of there long before 6:00.
About noon, we got a text from friends saying their new bundle of joy had arrived, so that didn’t help speed up the time any, either. All I wanted to do all day was go see the newest member of their family. As soon as we got out, we headed to Austin to visit. He is absolutely precious! 
We finally got back home about 11:00 or so and jumped into bed to be refreshed enough for church Sunday. What a powerful service! It really spoke directly to me, especially in light of the end of summer and my return to work for a while before Baby Gray gets here. I left feeling really good about the fall semester and God’s plan for everything. 
Mr. Gray & I ate some lunch at our new kitchen table (I’m still lovin’ it!) before he headed out to mow. I got a call from Bean about that time that we needed to come help them move because her husband had hurt his foot in a boating accident and couldn’t get home (accident reports and all that jazz) or really help once he got there. So we loaded up and went to help them get moved into their temporary apartment while they’re waiting for their new home to be built. I enjoyed hanging with everyone yesterday, especially Jaxon! Plus, I got to organize! YAY! All in all, it was a long, tiring weekend. 
Today we planned on getting me moved into my new classroom, so we loaded both vehicles with all my classroom stuff (YAY, the garage has some space) and headed up to school. Mr. Gray was an AMAZING help! We got so much done while he was there, and I stayed to finish up another little section once he left. (Sorry, Susan, I just realized I didn’t take any photos; maybe tomorrow.) It seems like I made a lot of progress in a small amount of time (ask me how I feel about that before Meet the Teacher Night next week). I can’t believe it’s already time to go back to work!

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