Slow and Steady Wins the Race

So I decided that each day I’d make a small goal for my classroom and I could go home when I finished the goal. Yesterday, my goal was to get the cabinets and drawers by the sink cleaned out. Not to mention, with Mr. Gray there, I got the general layout of the room taken care of in no time! Today, my goal was to clean out the shelves on top of the cubbies. Co-workers always think I’m crazy when I first move into a room because I just go through and throw things away like mad! I met my goal for today in two hours, so now I get to relax and hang out with Rooster Dog until tomorrow! (Mr. Gray said it was OK…) 
This will be the carpet/whole group area. It still needs lots of work, but thank goodness Mr. Gray got everything into the general area for me! 
This was yesterday’s goal. I worked to clean out all the shelves on the wall, the drawers, and the cabinets below. It was filled with all sorts of things! However, it was NOTHING compared to the wreck I found when I walked into my room last year! 
This will be the Reading Lab (Library Lab… I call it either interchangeably). Again, Mr. Gray got everything into the general area for me. I love the huge window! Don’t worry, Nonna, I’m not messing with a curtain this year! 
These shelves on top of the cubbies were today’s goal. I even got started on some of the cubbies below. I feel like I’m making progress, even if it’s slowly. 
Again, all this progress is much thanks to Mr. Gray. He got all the tables and chairs situated after we got my stuff into the room yesterday. You can’t really see, but behind the tables is the Dramatic Play Lab and the Science Lab. 
This is where they will pull their different literacy labs as well as where the Computer Lab will be. 
Here’s my teaching table and desk area. I’ve definitely got a lot to get settled in this section of the room!
Overall, there is still a lot of work to do, but I think it’s do-able. It’ll get there.

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  1. Looking good! I think people also think I'm crazy for the amount of things I throw away. I need my space! I don't like clutter, and there was a CRAZY amount in my cabinets when I came to East.

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