Southbound 35 (and Northbound, too)

Whew… Today was a long day! I had to be in Austin at 9:30 for a doctor’s appointment. It went great; Baby Gray is still doing well and right on track! Then I ran an errand or two and headed back south to get a few things done at home before having to be in San Antonio for an appointment about 3:00. 
I got to the appointment right at 3:00, and I wasn’t seen until 4:00 or a little after! It was insane. They were very apologetic, but that didn’t change the fact that I had class to teach in San Marcos at 6:00 this evening. Not to mention the lady I met with was a die-hard Aggie, so we spent a ton of time talking about that before actually getting to the point of the meeting! I left San Antonio right at 5:00 and took I-10 to 123 to avoid traffic on my way to San Marcos. I called to have the tutor help cover homework questions until I got there–I hated to make my students wait! 
I pulled into ACC at about 6:05 and started teaching right away. Thank goodness that class goes pretty quickly! Now I’m home, and, as exhausted as I am, I can’t go to sleep! I’ve decided not to set my alarm tomorrow… I bet I wake up about 5:30. Boo!

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