Tuesday Ten: I’m Not Sure I Still Know How to Write Complete Sentences Edition

I keep thinking I’ll write a new post. I come over to tell you all about all the things (or at least write them down for my own recollection), and nothing comes out. I mean, I didn’t even write an ode to my husband or a recap of our anniversary trip.

The cursor blinks. The page stays white. I get distracted and move on. We’ll try this. Short blurbs. Maybe that will break the ice.

  1. I saw the cutest Fourth of July tank on Instagram this morning. I almost ordered it. I waited. I went to the post office, and tada–a new Fourth of July shirt. You know, the one I ordered last week. At least I won’t have two.
  2. We got Schlitterbahn season passes this year. So far, it’s the best thing ever. Free parking. You can take food. It’s pretty much perfect (and definitely not a paid ad). Slide Races at Schlitterbahn IMG_8337
  3. My husband was visiting with a lady in a restaurant Sunday evening, said who I was, and she responded that she knew me from my blog. (HAHAHAHA!) What kind of alternate universe is this?
  4. I think I’m becoming a little spoiled now that the majority of my work can be done from my phone instead of my computer. I feel so free. Lots of other changes are coming in that realm, but for now, I feel like I’m kind of “off” for a bit. It’s really new–and nice.
  5. The boy has been taking piano lessons, and I’m completely in awe of how his teacher teaches. I wish my lessons had been that involved when I was younger. (Side note: a friend of hers saw that she knew me and recognized me from Purpose Box. HA! I guess putting yourself all over the internet might have its perks–or something.)
  6. I miss my bike. I still have yet to make it to get a new tube after “the flat,” and I really want to ride. Ahhh, small town living.
  7. I just got an email about a Christmas event. It’s June–not even July. June.
  8. Mr. Gray is working on some of the summer projects we had for the camper this week. Hopefully we get them finished up quickly and can take it somewhere before we haul it back to College Station for football (yesssss–football!) in the fall. Where are your favorite camping spots?
  9. Did you know you can get a free custom The Gray Matters-designed print if you sign up for our emails? Yep. It’s pretty cute. My friend Meg at Clappping Dog Media designed it for me. Sign up. Check it out.
  10. If Destin were on my calendar for tomorrow, I wouldn’t complain. Maybe I should look into booking that.

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