The Happy Recap

After an emotional last week at Happy House (for me, not him), we had a wonderful graduation ceremony (where I didn’t cry at all). He sang his heart out and put on quite the show.



Then we moved to his art display in the classroom and quickly walked out without making eye contact with Mrs. Kristi (tears were definitely starting to try to well up at that point).


We headed out for supper to celebrate after.


His last day came and went just as quickly as it came. We had a fun lunch together, and they spent their day watching movies and jumping in the bounce houses.

IMG_7291Before we left, Mrs. Kristi’s son asked if we had seen his message for the kids on the board in the classroom. We hadn’t, so we walked back over. Cue the tears. It matched their theme for the year and the place we are in life so well.


For several years now, I have started and ended the boy’s school year with an interview. I’ve missed a few here and there, but for the most part, I’ve got ’em. Check out the last one for Happy House!

I love his words of wisdom for the new comers!

Oh, the memories we have in this school. From his first day (2013) to his last (2016), Happy House will always hold a special place in our heart.


Past interviews:

Apparently first day of school wasn’t my strong point. Oops!

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