It Takes a Village

It takes a village.


So often we associate that phrase with raising kids, but yesterday it came to me in a different light. Isn’t that the way our friendships work, too? I mean, I know everyone claims to have the best group of friends, but I’ll go ahead with the cliche: I have the best group of friends. For me. In this season. And the previous. And the next. (And that might all be different people.)

Heart Group

God continues to equip me with just the people I need and place me in the life of those who need me. And, in true God fashion, He does it at just the right time. Once this came to me, I took a few notes. Simultaneously, I was the friend crying out for help, the friend helping, the friend running an errand for someone, the friend giving parenting advice, and the friend making a joke. At any given time, I can switch to be the giver or receiver of these roles.

Girls Christmas

Just in the last few months, God has placed people in my life very intentionally (I’m sure it’s always intentional, but it’s very evident right now) for my current season. Granted, I have my lifers, as I like to call them, the girls that date back to the very beginning of my memory, and we ebb and flow as needed through particular seasons. (Some how I always show up in wedding planning season.) We are always able to pick back up just where we left off–every time. Sometimes, though, there are people who come out of no where to play a role you didn’t expect (either because you didn’t know them at all before or because they have just never been that person for you).

Bachelorette Party

It truly takes a village. Someone to bake cookies, plan your parties, take the photos, bustle your wedding dress, make you laugh, wipe your tears, listen to your advice, point you to Jesus, answer your calls and texts at midnight, build your website, and everything in between.

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