Yesterday, we were working on the boy’s “homework” for school, and it inspired me. It was just a simple All About Me page, but it gave me a starting point when I’ve been drawing up so many blanks lately.

Coffee Shop

Name: Jolie Gray
Age: 30, but not for too much longer!
Height: 5’6″

Favorite song: How can I ever pick just one? Probably
Favorite movie: I think it’s How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Maybe it’s Step-Mom.
Favorite color: pink
Favorite place: New York City
Favorite breakfast food: potato, egg, and cheese taco from Matamoras
Favorite lunch food: sushi
Favorite supper food: Filet Oscar

Ideal day: 
I would wake up at 9:00 (to me that’s the perfect balance of sleeping in but not wasting the day).
In the morning I would workout, shower, and read a book.
In the afternoon I would shop, have coffee, and watch a show.
In the evening I would have dinner with friends followed by a dessert date with my husband.
I would go to bed at midnight (that’s my perfect bedtime any night; I get lots done without being over-tired).

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