A Bit of a Recap

Y’all, what a summer. It has been a whirlwind of emotions, coordination at the new house, plans that changed, changed back, and changed again. It’s been a test of faith, and I’d like to think I leaned in rather than running away. I held my boy a little tighter, snuggled close when he asked me to lay with him for just one more second, and said yes to far too many treats!

We’ve had a lot of fun as a family this summer, and I feel like I didn’t really document any of it. When I look back in a few years and try to remember, I’ll wonder why this was a summer of silence.

Silly Faces

+ I had the chance to back away from the computer and phone some, which was nice. In June, Mr. Gray and I took our first trip in over five years that I didn’t have to have my phone for work. It was glorious.

+ The boy has almost worn a track around the new house with his Gator, and he’s got a giant spot of “yard” that he turns into a muddy mess with his sprinkler on the regular. We’ve spent lots of evenings painting, cleaning, throwing trash away, brainstorming, and just being together in our big empty house. I can’t wait to make it a home. (No, I do not know when we are moving in.)

+ Purpose Box has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two shipments. This past shipment was our fastest sellout ever–by a long shot–and we’re upping our number of boxes for the next shipment. We hosted our first event with some friends from fadedology in New Braunfels, a shoe cutting party for Sole Hope. I met lots of new friends who quickly became Purpose Box supporters.

Sole Hope

+ We took a babysitter to Short Course in College Station this year, and it was our best decision all summer. I got some me-time, which is scarce while the boy isn’t in school, we had some date nights, and we all had fun.

Children's Museum

+ We’re squeezing every last drop out of summer this year–we haven’t been to the beach at all, but we’re headed to the Kilgore Resort this weekend to swim, rest, and getaway for a few days before fall activities take off.

+ Football is only 17 days away–seventeen. Praise. (Also, I bought us tickets for a ZZ Top concert on A&M’s opening day. I thought it was away, away–turns out it’s in Houston. Oops!)

Kyle Field

+ Also, completely irrelevant as far as summer goes, I want to do this to a staircase. I don’t know which staircase, but a staircase somewhere. I feel that’s important for everyone to know about me. I’m a closet (or not-so-closet Drake fan).

Drake Stairs

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